Jonathan Ko


Jonathan is an APA titled sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapist. The title serves as a mark of formally recognised distinction for expert knowledge and skills in the area of sports and musculoskeletal/spinal physiotherapy which is awarded through the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Over the years, Jonathan has developed passion and superior skills in identifying and correcting bio-mechanical faults. This has earned him a reputation as a health professional who has the ability to treat not only the symptoms but more importantly the source of the patient's problems.

In the field of sports, Jonathan has worked with various teams of different levels ranging from Division 5 to Nationals. Higher performance involvements include experiences with the Australian Touch Football Association, Sydney AFL premier league and SA premier rugby union club. He has also worked as part of the medical team at the CrossFit Regionals (Pacific Region, Australia) and the Australian National Judo Championship. He is also active in providing physio coverage to special events such as the City-2-Surf, the SMH Half-Marathon and other sporting championships.

For his profession, Jonathan is currently serving his term as the chairperson for the NSW chapter of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia. He is also actively involved in teaching and convening professional development courses for other registered physiotherapists and health professionals.

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