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Written by Justine Aka

Wired Anatomy

Frederico Carbajal, born 1978 in Mexico, studied Architecture at Bachelor and Master level. He additionally received an MA in independent studies from the visual arts centre in Montreal.

Frederico’s art is a fusion of drawing, architecture and sculpture creating a coherent special entity. He uses galvanized wire and stainless steel for forming parts of the human body. His amazing anatomical sculptures represent the human anatomy as light, airy organs suspended in space in very fine detail.

On his website Frederico states regarding his work:
“An exploration into the boundaries of space: volume, surface and line; of the immaterial form and its perception – its structure and deconstruction. A deep look at the human body, its anatomy and the appropriation of its symbols”

Enjoy the view of Fredrico’s sculptured feet from 2010. You can find more of his work such as heart, skulls, pelvis and hands on his website and behance.



(Image by: Frederico Carbajal)

Tags: architecture, Sculpture, Feet, Wire, Stainless Steel, Space

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