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Written by Helen van Raaij

Konstatin Kofta
Image by: Konstatin Kofta

Wearable anatomy by Konstantin Kofta

Always wanted an extra human spine? Or perhaps a few extra hands to hold your back Shoes, bags and more accessories, all wearable and functional are the work of fashion designer Konstantin Kofta, who has his own fashion label.

Kofta doesn’t use his materials as he buys them, he processes them first. He has different series, which all have a different meaning.  

His “Roots” series refers to the information and emotions humans experience during their lives. It was the infinity of life itself which inspired Kofta for his “Born” collection (picture below).

For Kofta both the process and the final product are important as “...the end product is a consequence of an art process, so it's really important to work in harmony with yourself and your individual feelings.”

For more of his work and the meaning behind every series, you can visit his website and Facebook account.

Konstatin Kofta
Image by: Konstatin Kofta

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