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Written by Pi Carpaij

Vertebrae necklace by Molly Epstein

For her senior project in 2002, Molly Epstein of Temple University made a glass-filled nylon necklace that looks like a set of vertebrae. Epstein specializes in synthesizing jewelry and medicine. 

During her time at UW, she actively associated herself with engineers and doctors in an ongoing quest to understand what an artist may contribute to medical science. She has literally narrowed the gap between the disciplines by collaborating with Doctor Richard Hopper from Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center on the Patent Pending SAM Device. The Seattle Alar Molding Device is a nasal molding device for children born with varying degrees of the cleft palate deformity. She was also a research assistant for Dr. Murray Maitland from Rehabilitation Medicine at UW and helped bring to life a modified prosthetic hand device.

Vertebrae necklace
(Image by: Molly Epstein)

Tags: Necklace, Vertebrae, Fashion, Jewelry

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