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Vanitas Inferiores by Fernando Vicente

Fernando Vicente, born 1963 in Madrid, is a Spanish artist who has been working as an illustrator and painter for various magazines and newspapers since the 1980s. He has, for example, made illustrations for books such as Peter Pan, the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide and Momo.

Juxtapoz Magazine ( stated on 10/11/2011: “The anatomical paintings of Spanish artist Fernando Vicente are a breath- taking fusion of physical beauty and scientific reality, portraying attractive models reminiscent of a bygone era and pitting their exterior vanity against complex diagrams of their own interior anatomy. Vicente's peculiar combination of art and science is truly thought-provoking and a pure pleasure to behold”

This illustration called “Inferiores” is an acrylic painting on canvas 90x90cm. It was painted as part of Fernando Vicentes “Vanitas” series which was exhibited in Madrid in Galeria Sen between 2007 and 2008. “Inferiores” shows a sensual female with the muscles and bones of the right side of the neck and upper thorax exposed. More anatomical paintings can be seen on his website.

(Image by: Fernando Vicente)

Tags: neck anatomy, exposed, vanity, musculature, beauty vs science

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