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Written by Pi Carpaij

Van Der Lichaam Aromatherapy

Merely observing the images that compose Van Der Lichaam Aromatherapy packaging may make you wonder about the contents of the little glass flasks. Might they hold the essences of organs such as cranial concoctions and liquid lungs?

Virginia Holman's Victorian anatomical illustrations mark the tiny bottles as literal suggestions of what they contain. They are perfume combinations made form pairs of fragrances. Each one corresponds to a different physiological benefit, interpreted graphically into specific parts of the body.

"I designed a set of perfume bottles along with a box of perfume vials. This set of perfume packages are inspired by the Victorian cabinet of curiosities. Each go the illustrations on the back of the label relates to the aromatherapy of the scent."

  • Jasmine + sandalwood fragrance is to increase romance
  • Rosemary + bergamot is blended to improve mental clarity
  • Eucalyptus + lemon is blended to improve respiratory health
Perfume bottles
Perfume bottles
(Image by: Virginia Holman)

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