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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

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This Bike Has MS!

“This Bike Has MS” is the title of a meaningful ad campaign from Grey Australia. It's engineered to stop the many people affected by Multiple Sclerosis suffer in silence and to raise awareness ahead of the MS Melbourne Cycle that will be held on March 6th, 2016.

Things aren’t always what they seem at first glance. The same applies to this extraordinary bike: it has the same everyday problems people with MS suffer.

It causes fatigue, created by heavy metals that are used in the bike’s wheels to add up to the resistance the rider has to endure to get the bike to move forward. The gears of the bike have spasticity. The broken teeth from the cog makes the bike’s gears slip unpredictably, restricting the ability for the rider of the bike to control its speed, direction and momentum. It lacks balance: a bend in the frame causes the bike to sway randomly from side to side due to the bike’s disrupted equilibrium. 

The saddle causes pain. The plastic BMX seat, not designed for long distance riding, will cause discomfort and becomes painful after a longer ride. The bike has the symptoms of dizziness: a slight bend in the length of the fork, in combination with the un-trued wheels make the bike move erratically: it is impossible to ride a steady line.

And to top it off, the bike creates numbness. Ever had pins and needles? This bike is full of it. Hidden beneath the tape of the handlebars there’s ball bearings to accentuate vibrations through the rider’s upper body, which will lead from pins and needles to complete numbness.


This bike is annoying, as annoying as living with MS. It is the most common autoimmune disorder, that we know, effects the central nervous system, with as a result all those frustrating symptoms the experts gave the bike. The bike has been designed on the initiative of cycling Paralympic gold medallist, Carol Cooke, diagnosed with MS herself in 1998. Contributing in her team, neurologists, physiotherapists, bike mechanics and people living with MS.

Want to know more about the bike? Watch the campaign video underneath or visit the "This Bike Has MS" website, or you can watch the video below: 

Image by: bike

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