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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

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The Exo-Glove Poly

Imagine you are not able to open a door or get yourself a glass of water, two seemingly easy and everyday tasks. For people who suffer paralysis in the hand and fingers caused by an injury or disease (e.g. spinal cord injury and stroke) it is their reality. Without any support of special tools or assistive technologies these simple tasks can be a real challenge for these people.

In order to fight some of the daily challenges of people with paralysis of the hand, assistant professor Kyujin Cho and his team from Seoul National University, developed the Exo-Glove Poly. The Exo-Glove Poly is a soft, rubberlike glove, which has three fingers fitting over the wearer’s thumb, index finger and middle finger. Through the wires, the motor (controlled by a switch) pulls on the wires to open and close the hand. The result is a glove that can make simple, but previously impossible tasks possible again.

The design of the glove makes it possible to adjust to different hand sizes, it is waterproof so the user can wash their hands or wash the glove when it is dirty, but it will be affordable as well. Cooperating with disabled people, the developing team took the biggest challenges and wish for independence as well as price, wearability, appearance and mass production definitely in consideration.

Hyujin Cho plans to commercialise the product late 2017.

Want to know more about the Exo-Glove Poly? Or see the final prototype in action?
Visit the website or watch the video below.

biorobotics cafe24
Image by: biorobotics cafe24

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