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Written by Justine Aka

Statues by Damien Hirst

The probably most debated statue by famous UK artist Damien Hirst is "Verity”. A 20m tall and 25tonne heavy bronze and stainless steel statue in the harbour of Ilfracombie, North Devon, UK.

The statue shows a pregnant woman; from her right side one can see the anatomical cross section of her womb, showing the foetus inside. The muscles and skeleton of the head, neck, arm, thigh and thoracic regions are exposed.
Verity holds in her hands a sword and scale, representing the symbols of truce and justice. The statue was installed in October 2012 and is a 20 year loan from Hirst to the City if Ilfracombie.

As reported by BBC and many other newspapers the statue has caused much discussion amongst the population of the small harbour town. Views of people are split between outrageous, offensive, and demeaning to women, and a unique beauty, promising a boost to the town’s tourism.

In 2005 Hirst created a very similar statue named “The Virgin Mother”. This statue is smaller than “Verity”, and is coloured. The exposed parts of the body are painted in natural colours, emphasizing the human form underneath the skin and the growth of the foetus inside the womb.

A third statue was inspired by Hirsts son who had a small anatomical model of the human torso. Hirst translated his fascination for this little anatomical toy into a 6m tall replication of it and named it “Hymn”.

Verity 2

Virgin Mother


Verity 1
Verity 1
(Image by: Damien Hirst)

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