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Written by Helen van Raaij

Lee Jinyoung
Image by: Lee Jinyoung

Skull tea infusers by Lee Jinyoung

Like I mentioned before, people have a thing with skulls and the human mind. The story behind these silicone tea skulls gives an insight in perception.

These silicone skulls are a 100% safe to use for foods. Just pull the teeth down and the skull opens, put your loose tea in it, close the skull and just make a cup of tea like you normally would!

Lee Jinyoung, the designer behind these silicone tea skulls, got inspired by an ancient story about a Buddhist master called “Wonhyo”, who was traveling to China,.    

On a stormy day Wonhyo and his colleagues took shelter in a cave. During the night, Wonhyo was overcome with thirst, and reached out an grasped what he preceived to be a gourd, and drinking from it he was refreshed with a draught of cool water.  When he woke up the next morning he realized that their shelter was actually an ancient tomb littered with human skulls, and he had drunk from a human skull.” 

Lee Jinyoung,says “the silicone skull reflects the desire to feel Wonhyo’s significant meaning of life and have fun while taking a short time to drink tea in daily life”.

Want to see the skull in action? Watch the video below!


Who wants one?

Skull Tea Infuser from LEE JIN YOUNG on Vimeo.

Lee Jinyoung
Image by: Lee Jinyoung

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