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Written by Pi Carpaij

Skeleton Typogram by Aaron Kuehn

Aaron Kuehn is an American graphic artist, printmaker, and designer/fabricator. He synthesizes traditional graphic art, technical drawing, and specialized typefaces of his own design to articulate these at-a-glance comprehensive visualizations. Modulating written words with contextually meaningful meta-data, Aaron heals the phonetic-ideographic language fracture which divides human cognition. Linguistic scholars propose that increased comprehension bandwidths possible with this visual-verbal language will lead to a new era of communal intelligence and multi-dimensional thought.

'EXO… ENDO… TYPO! Your life, your organ­ism, your soft tis­sues but a pud­dle on the ground, if not for the ancient seg­men­tal struc­ture of the Ver­te­brates. The ORIG­I­NAL HARD CORE is evolv­ing for 400 mil­lion years now. Hominids, like you, are using the lat­est upright tech­nol­ogy orig­i­nat­ing only 4 mil­lion years prior. Here it is, updated, and recon­structed in a 2 dimen­sional sta­tic rep­re­sen­ta­tion of long-stride loco­mo­tion! The com­po­nent bones, ordi­nar­ily con­structed with rigid min­er­al­ized tis­sues, have been entirely typo-grammatically replaced with 676 free and fused glyphs, together form­ing a com­plete skele­tal dia­gram in LATIN.' 

Click here to download the PDF. 

Skeleton Typogram
Skeleton Typogram
(Image by: Aaron Kuehn)

Tags: graphic designer, Illustration, skeleton

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