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Written by Pi Carpaij

See through bones by Enric Huguet

This beautifully illustrated ad was created for the pharmacy industry by the Spanish graphic designer, Enric Huguet. He was born in Barcelona and years later attented l'Escola Oficial d'Arts Aplicades (art school). After he gruatueted art school he began working in advertising. He was known for his interessting way of combining art in commercial advertising.

“A graphic designer is a poet and linguist of the visual images of the world. Poetry brings warmth and emotion to the message. The linguist logic introduces clarity through the correct articulation of the message. Every work must have emotion, feeling and clarity” said Enric Huguet in an interview with the Col.legi de Dissenyadors Gràfics de Catalunya magazine. 

In 1973 he won the Laus prize for his excellent series of “Calcium Sandoz Forte” (shown below) illustrations for the Uriach Laboratory.

See through bones
(Image by: Enric Huguet)

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