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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Benjamin Probanza
Image by: Benjamin Probanza

Sand in your shoes?

“We are a group of people who find incredible satisfaction in building sand sculptures”

This is how artist Benjamin Probanza describes people who create sand sculptures. His sand sculptures are very impressive. Nowadays, sand sculpting artists are sometimes even asked by companies to create a sculpture as part of their promotion and marketing strategy.

In general, most sculptures are made of river bed sand, clay, slit and water. Together, these components bind the sand, creating the perfect cohesion that is need for the sculpture not to fall apart.

Tools used to create these impressive sculptures depend on the artists preference. Some artists only use their hands, while others use shovels stompers and buckets and some use a varnish spray to protect the sculpture when finished.

The inspiration for what sand figure is made mainly comes from everyday life, fantasy and buildings. The sculpture below is of Benjamins most detailed anatomical creations.

Want to see more of Benjamins incredible sand sculptures?! You can visit his website here, or watch a video of him working on a sculpture below:

Benjamin Probanza
Image by: Benjamin Probanza

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