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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Raymond Biesinger
Image by: Raymond Biesinger

Raymond Biesinger’s “MALE & FEMALE ANATOMY”

Raymond Biesinger is a Montréal, Canada, based artist, whose past clients include the New York Times, the Washington Post, Adidas, Billboard, GQ, BMW, Toyota and many more. His clientele is impressive, but so is his personal work, for example his “MALE & FEMALE ANATOMY” (2013).

The “MALE & FEMALE ANATOMY” are three-colour screen-printed 36-point anatomy charts, containing multiple parts of the human anatomy, illustrated in quite a minimalistic way. In both of the prints you find, for instance: the brain (including its lobes, the cerebellum and brainstem), oesophagus, the thyroid, a lung, liver, gallbladder, the heart (with several components) and parts of the digestive system…

Not only these works, but actually all of his work has a lot to it. The illustrations come with shapes both small and large, in solid colours and with the use of simple patterns.

His corporate and client illustrations often accompany serious and business like articles. While those articles could be boring, Raymond Biesinger manages to make fantastic illustrations to spice up arguments like: “accountancy firms need to recruit, train, and promote employees from all social backgrounds to remain competitive.” (2014, Economia magazine, UK)

Want to discover more of Raymond Biesinger’s art? Visit his website!

Raymond Biesinger
Image by: Raymond Biesinger

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