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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

JC Sheitan Tenet
Image by: JC Sheitan Tenet

Prosthetic arm has a very special function.

JC Sheitan Tenet is a Lyon, France-based tattoo artist. He lost his right arm below the elbow 22 years ago. After he lost his arm, he had to learn how to tattoo people using his left hand, when he had always been a right-handed person.

Recently Sheitan Tenet was able to start drawing and tattooing again, using his right arm. Not hospitals and their researchers were to thank for this, but French artist JL Gonzal, creating a “tattooing prosthesis”.

The prosthetic arm is custom-made in steampunk-style, with a built-in inker. It was created utilizing a prosthesis Sheitan Tenet didn’t use anymore, together with parts of a gramophone and a sewing machine. JL Gonzal attached a customized tattoo machine, one of the kind Tenet always used, to the prosthetic arm. He also made sure to rub the cables in the length of the arm, to keep them out of the tattoo artist’s way.

For now, the device might allow Sheitan Tenet to use his right hand, but the first version of this prosthetic devise “is an exhibition kinetic sculpture and not my daily use tool”, as Sheitan Tenet stated on his Facebook page. The device is not yet practical for daily use, its function is still limited and it takes long to clean it.

Want to know when prototype number 2 is coming? Visit Sheitan Tenet's Facebook page page!

Watch a video of JC Sheitan Tenet and his prosthetic tattooing arm in action below:

JC Sheitan Tenet
Image by: JC Sheitan Tenet

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