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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Melis Buyruk
Image by: Melis Buyruk

Porcelain served by Melis Buyruk - Bon Appétit!

The Istanbul based artist Melis Buyruk might invite you over for dinner, but it’s not food you will find on your plate. What you will find is expertly crafted anatomical forms in sleek, white porcelain. Some of the dishes even plated with golden flies.

The material - porcelain - that Melis Buyruk uses is a form of presentation of inner and outer beauty, without the anatomical features being tied to gender, race or social position.

A lot of her work contains plates, to “serve” the art on, a plate is one of the most common and functional forms made of ceramic, which is in great contrast to her artwork.

In an interview with, Melis Buyruk explained what motivates her to use anatomy in her work:

Anatomical parts of the human are the most democratic things about human being I think. I choose to emphasize what all human beings have in common. I transmit my motive to my audience through my choice of ordinary acts of human beings such as eating—a general, mechanical, and instinctive behaviour that is common to all species.

If you want to discover more of Melis Buyruk’s porcelain art, visit her website.

Melis Buyruk
(Image by: Melis Buyruk)

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