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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Sarah Yakawonis
Image by: Sarah Yakawonis

Paper bodies

Sarah Yakawonis, a Portland based graphic designer and illustrator completed this anatomical quilling series after she started her study of human anatomy in quilling paper in 2010. “I spent the next year working tirelessly to create a series of twelve painstakingly accurate quilled anatomical illustrations”

The quilling of Lisa Nilsson already passed here some time ago, but it would be a shame to not give one of her colleague’s, Sarah Yakawonis, attention too.

After Sarah finished this anatomical series she moved on from the theme, she felt like the work would lose its magic if she kept going with it.

Nowadays she has created her own process to create art, she combined her love for digital imaging and quilling by starting a process on the computer and finishing it with quilling. After that she photographs the work (the process is secret) to retain all the dimensions, but to create a flat poster. “I have had people touch my poster to see if it’s flat!”

Just looking at this art we can understand that Sarah Yakawonis, as many artists, has incredible patience, technical ability, perfection and a lot of passion.

Want to see more of Sarah's work? Visit her website or have a look at her Etsy.

Sarah Yakawonis
Image by: Sarah Yakawonis

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