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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Leo García Méndez
Image by: Leo García Méndez

Olympic athletes made out of layered paper

In the run-up to the summer Olympics of this year, today’s post contains a cooperation of a painstaking project. Raya Sader Bujana, a Barcelona-based paper artist collaborated with photographer Leo García Méndez, to create stock photographs featuring paper figures.
Bujana’s creations are recognizable poses from of each of the Olympic sports that they present.

The starting point of the summer Olympics promoting series, was the expressing of moment using paper. All the sculptures have been had cut and assembled, which made it a painstaking and time-consuming process. Some of the figures are build with around 150 pieces and up to 500 separators.

She explains part of the process: "Digitalising each figure to achieve the correct posture was a challenge that required a huge team effort to get just the right positioning. Of course each section needed to be the exact shape to attain the look of the curve."

After she completed her paper series, she collaborated with Leo García Méndez to create a photo series of which some of the pictures are collected below.

If you want to discover more of Raya Sader Bujana’s art visit her Instagram.

Leo García Méndez’ website can be found here.

Leo García Méndez
Image by: Leo García Méndez

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