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Written by Helen van Raaij

Angela Palmer
Image by: Angela Palmer

MRI Self-portraits

Angela Palmer, represented by the Fine Arts Society, is a sculptor and installation artist. She studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art in Oxford and the Royal College of Art in London. Most of her work is based on CAT and  MRI scans of her own body. She engraves images derived from these scans in multiple slices of glass.

After putting the slices on top of each other it looks like a “self-portrait”. When looking at the front or back side of the “self-portrait”, the engraved lines seems to be floating. Looking at the top or bottom makes the image disappears.

When asked about her own work Angela says:

“The desire to ‘map’ is at the core of my work. I have spent several years taking the familiar and peeling back the outer layer to reveal the unfamiliar below. I’ve explored the human body, and in particular the brain, as well as the animal form, to expose the extraordinary matter lying unseen below the surface. By drawing or engraving details from MRI or CT scans onto multiple sheets of glass, layer by layer, I present the subjects as three-dimensional objects ‘floating’ in a glass chamber.”

For more of her work you can visit her website

Angela Palmer
Image by: Angela Palmer

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