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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Matthew Day Jackson
Image by: Matthew Day Jackson

Matthew Day Jackson's anatomical art

The artist and sculptor Matthew Day Jackson lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. In 1999 his work was exhibited for the first time in a group exhibition and since 2004 Matthew Jackson's work has also been featured in solo exhibitions.

He learned to be a sculptor in the race shop where he saw his cousin build, as he calls it himself in an interview with the New York Times Magazine, “this remarkable, scary thing. And then to be able to get into the seat and drive the thing is really beautiful”.

Matthew Day Jackson’s work is often called over-the-top ambitious, masculine and American. In the same interview with New York Times he has an explanation for that and what his work is based on:

I just recognize that we live in an extraordinarily violent place. And that the boundaries between the haves and the have-nots and those who are and those who are not are usually defined by violence.

Matthew Day Jackson’s work is know for its variation, from modified furniture to fictional LIFE magazine covers (‘60s and ‘70s magazine). But a lot of his work, such as "The Bullet Man" (below) and "One in the same" (header), involves the human body or (human) anatomy.

If you want to see more of Matthew Day Jackson's work, you can visit Hauser& Wirth’s or Grimm gallery’s website.

Matthew Day Jackson
Image by: Matthew Day Jackson

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