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Written by Helen van Raaij

Joey Havlock
Image by: Joey Havlock

Master minds: dark and light corners of the psyche

The “Master of prescriptions – an elusive conclusion” is part of the “Master minds” series made by Joey Havlock. Joey Havlock, born in 1967, combines Art Technology with art of Human Dynamics. 

The “Master mind" series is a combination of reality and dreams that describes corners of the psyche and light. The original  “Master mind” series is made with mixed media on canvas. Recently Joey has also released a metal printed version.

When asked about his artwork Joey says:

My artworks provide me personal reward and acknowledgement of my growth and evolvement as a socially interactive being, and best of all they provide a vehicle for collaborative interaction with society”.

For more of his work you can visit his websiteIntagram and Pinterest page.

Joey Havlock
Image by: Joey Havlock

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