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Written by Ishan Bali

Park Ki Pyung
Image by: Park Ki Pyung

Life-sized sculptures of hollow figures by Park Ki Pyung

“What does it mean to be human?” – this is the question that Park Ki Pyung, an artist from South Korea is exploring through his outstanding series of life-sized sculptures. Intriguingly asking the very basic questions erupting in every human mind about conformity, individuality and uncertainty, his sculptures are shaped by cement, resin, and steel with fractured texture and arranged in grand installations as well as intimate 2-person groups.

The inspiration behind this art series is the question giving birth to anxiety concerning our existence and that screams about the emptiness, leaving us fractured from within. 

According to Pyung, many of his sculpture do not have facial features as to expunge one’s exclusive characteristic. Simultaneously, the statues are shown in battle scene(s) depicting violence against the self, mirroring the feeling that each one of us has the feeling of being too hard on ourselves.

Conveying a reminder through these sculptures, in Pyung's words “be kind to yourself and cut yourself some slack every once and awhile”. 

Want to read more about Park Ki Pyung's art? Visit his Instagram page or read an interesting article about his art on My Modern Met!

Park Ki Pyung
Image by: Park Ki Pyung

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