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Written by Ishan Bali

Ali Harrison
Image by: Ali Harrison

Laser cut paper organ designs by Ali Harrison

An autodidact artist of Dutch origin and currently based in Canada, Ali Harrison is a magician in paper cutting art. She is all-natural with no formal training in paper craft or any art. 

Through her Toronto-based studio 'Light + Paper', Ali has a focus on incredibly detailed cut paper designs of human organs. Each piece is first hand drawn and then freehand-cut on white paper.

Once complete, they hold organic patterns true to their origin. Astoundingly, it takes an exhausting 20-60 hours to complete one piece!

These stunning pieces of art can be purchased through her shop, where she offers original hand-cut art pieces, as well as laser cut reproductions in both paper and wood.

Ali herself explains:

I have always liked being creative and I really like working with my hands. I never considered myself artistic in a traditional sense while I was growing up, but now creating art is my favourite thing to do.

Want to see more of Ali's art or even buy some? Have a look at the Light + Paper website!

Ali Harrison
Image by: Ali Harrison

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