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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Katherine Streeter for NPR
Image by: Katherine Streeter for NPR

Katherine Streeter’s visualization of NPR’s health news

It is still being investigated, but psychiatric researchers think that inflammation may either influence or drive depression and other mental illnesses. Although it also might be the other way around: that it’s depression driving the inflammation. One thing is for sure, a lot of psychiatrists and researchers agree that research on alternative pathologic explanations and treatment for psychiatric disorders is a good start.

Dr. Charles Raison, a psychiatry professor at the University of Arizona, stated in the article of NPR:

I think if we really want to understand depression, we definitely have to understand how the immune system talks to the brain. I just don't think we've identified immune-based or anti-inflammatory treatments yet that are going to have big effects in depression."

New York-based artist Katherine Streeter made the image that came with the article. To come up with the concepts (she made nine of them) she used the following reference as a launching point: "Sometime around 1907, well before the modern randomized clinical trial was routine, American psychiatrist Henry Cotton began removing decaying teeth from his patients in hopes of curing their mental disorders."

Want to discover more of Katherine Streeter’s art? Visit her website.

You can read the full NPR article “Could Depression Be Caused by an Infection?” over here.

Katherine Streeter
Image by: Katherine Streeter

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