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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

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Innovative education by Art and Anatomy Edinburgh

We live in a quickly developing world, surrounded by technology. To study anatomy, we don’t only have books anymore, but we can find very accurate and detailed anatomy on internet, apps, etc. This gives us quick access and students don’t need to carry those heavy books anymore. 
Books and technology however, can show us how the anatomy “should be” – anatomical variations not taken into account – but out of own experience, an important part of learning anatomy also involves palpating and drawing the anatomy onto peers.

Nevertheless, some of the students and teachers bring drawing (musculoskeletal) anatomy to a whole other level. They create drawings during class that look like stunning art pieces. 

Three of these people are the teachers-artists of Art and Anatomy Edinburgh, Meg Anderson (a core surgical trainee), Nichola Robertson (surgical trainee) and freelance artist and tattooist Kimmie Dunlop. They joined forces and put together an innovative anatomy teaching programme, among others focused on teaching surgical anatomy to medical students. With stunning results.

If you want to discover more of their and their students work, visit the Art and Anatomy Edinburgh Facebook page.

Art and Anatomy Edinburgh
Image by: Art and Anatomy Edinburgh

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