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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Gregory Halili
Image by: Gregory Halili

Human skeletons recreated with dead corals

In his newest art series, New Jersey-based artist Gregory Halili created skeletal pieces of the human anatomy with bleached corals found at the beach.

The irregular coral segments are magical stand-ins for human bones, which put together a hand, arm or complete, life-size skeleton.

In earlier work Gregory Halili already showed his interest and knowledge of human anatomy infused with sea life. In one of these previous series he carved skulls from mother of pearl.

In general, Gregory Halili’s art reflects his love for the water. He was born in the Philippines, a place that surrounded him with lush vegetation, tropical wildlife and warm people. After moving to the US as a teenager, he later added a touch of his childhood memories and love for the water to his work.

Want to discover more of Gregory Halili’s work? Visit Artsy or his Instagram

Gregory Halili
Image by: Gregory Halili

Tags: Bones, Sculpture, Human anatomy, Anatomy & Art

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