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Written by Helen van Raaij

Billy Reynolds
Image by: Billy Reynolds

Human anatomy in everyday situations by Billy Reynolds

Deviant, grotesque and figurative”, Billy Reynolds answers when asked to describe his own work in just three words. Billy Reynolds, an artist based in Los Angeles, expresses the way he interprets the “human experience” through his work.

First he worked with water color paint, oil paint, acrylic paint, sculptures and wax, and later with the use of digital programs. As his techniques changed, his creative process did too.  Years ago, he started with a sculpture, nowadays with a digital version.  

Reynolds not only tries to improve his skills and his art, but also advises young artists to invest time and patience in learning and using different techniques and materials. And to actually creating their ideas instead of just thinking about them.   

He always keeps in mind that “the biggest breakthroughs in what you are working on come just after the point at which you are willing to give up and stop

Want to see more of Billy's work? Visit his website!

Billy Reynolds
Image by: Billy Reynolds

Tags: Anatomy & Art, Painting, Oil painting, Digital Artwork

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