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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Aleksandr Kuskov
Image by: Aleksandr Kuskov

Hearts of the future

When we are conceived, our heart is the first organ to fully function, and it's one of the last ones to fail. Taking into account that it will beat over 2 billion times, this hard working pump is quite special.

Aleksandr Kuskov is a Kiev, Ukraine based digital artist and graphic designer. He is best-known for his boundless and unique (3D) digital artworks. 

Reality has too many restrictions, but fantasy is boundless. I'm ready to start making your fantasies, where anything is possible, come true.

Sometimes you find an artist for whom you'd like to use more words, but there is not much information to find. That’s were you let the art speak for itself.

If you want to discover more of Aleksandr Kuskov’s art, visit his Behance page.

Aleksandr Kuskov
Image by: Aleksandr Kuskov

Tags: Heart, future, Digital Artwork, Aleksandr Kuskov, AleksCG, Machine

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