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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Christopher David
Image by: Christopher David

Heart of gold by Christopher David White

Figured this is wood? So did I! Quite clear right?! But how does Christopher David White create it? First of all, we all have been fooled. Christopher David White's sculptures look like wood, but in reality they are made out of meticulously-rendered ceramic.

American sculptor Christopher David White, born in Bedford, Indiana and nowadays based in Virginia, uses the theme of decay as a guiding thread in his work. All his clay sculptures are made by hand, creating pieces that resemble degenerating objects, such as wood and metal.

On his work method Christopher David White stated (on his website):

I seek to expose the beauty that often results from decay while, at the same time, making my viewer question their own perception of the world around them. To accomplish this, I begin by observing instances of decay within my surroundings that I find inspiring due to form, color, or texture. With clay as my medium of choice I then meticulously render by hand those elements, taking advantage of clay’s innate ability to mimic a wide variety of materials.

In his work, he constantly explores the relationship between humans and nature, as well as the phenomenon of impermanence. His work includes to different extends anatomical works, of which “Heart of Gold”, which is depicted here.

Want to explore more of Christopher David White’s work? Visit his website!

Christopher David
Image by: Christopher David

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