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Written by Helen van Raaij

Guido Daniele
Image by: Guido Daniele


“Handimals” is a series of bodypainting’s by Guido Daniele. Guido Daniele, based in Milan, is a hyper-realistic illustrator. He developed his own bodypainting technique in 1990 and has been using it ever since.  

One of his works is a heart painted on a human fist. Not many believe it is actually a hand they are looking at and need more than one look to realize this. Guido uses models to paint his work. Once he finishes a painting (it takes 4-6 hours, and sometimes even 2 days to finish a piece) he takes a photograph to display in his exhibitions. His work is not only limited to hands but he also the total human body as a canvas. The lady (other picture) for example was painted like a dancing skeleton.

Guido about his own art:

“Most artists want to talk about what’s on their mind, their message and their expression. I want to talk about the planet. This is our home. We aren’t respecting our home and we need to do that for all of our survival”.

For more of the “Handimals” series and other work please visit his website.

Guido Daniele
Image by: Guido Daniele

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