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Giselle Vitali: From Anatomy Illustration to Anatomy Art.

Giselle Vitali’s artwork is entirely focussed on the Human Anatomy. Being passionate about anatomy she works as an illustrator making academic teaching material; as the artist she creates abstract human anatomy paintings and drawings.

Giselle’s surrealistic art incorporates the human anatomy into dream worlds, combining the real world with the creative; mixing bones, muscles, tendons and vessels, with paint, paper, and new dynamic formations. Creating and living two parallel worlds between academic illustrations and abstract artwork.

Opposed to the creation of her illustrations, for her artwork she only works with her hands, making use of classical tools such as acrylic painting on canvas or sculptures.

Giselle Vitali was born in 1989 in Venezuela where she undertook a university degree in illustration. In 2010 she moved to Barcelona, Spain, where she did her masters degree in illustration and specialised in 3D and 3D Max Autodesk.

Visit her website for more art and information. 

Mitad y Mitad Mixtas A
(Image by: Giselle Vitali)

Tags: anatomy, Illustration, Visual Art, Surrealistic

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