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Written by Helen van Raaij

Hugh Turvey
Image by: Hugh Turvey

Exhibition of the world's best scientific photography

The Royal Photographic Society, founded in 1853 to promote art and science, has a long history of amazing exhibitions. The "International Images for Science Exhibition" (2013), in partnership with the Science and Technology Facilities Council has a wide range of science related photographs.

Photographs from all over the world were submitted to the Royal Photographic Society, where they made a selection of 100 photographs for the exhibition.

“This exhibition is a stunning, colorful, visual feast. What is particularly exciting is that the images highlight the crucial role that photography continues to play in modern science, illustrating the work of scientists and as an essential research tool. This year’s exhibition is outstanding in the breadth of subjects and the quality of work shown.”

- Dr. Afzal Ansary, 2013 Exhibition coordinator

Both photographs shown here are made with imaging techniques as MRI, X-ray and a CT scan combined with 3D and photographic techniques. 

Want to see more of the exhibition? Have a look at its website!

Anders Persson
Image by: Anders Persson

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