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Written by Helen van Raaij

Adam Skutt
Image by: Adam Skutt

"Ecorche head" (Skinned head)

Adam Skutt (born in Canada, currently based in California) started with a degree in Visual Communications, followed by a study 3-D computer graphics. Adam specializes in high and low poly modeling, UV mapping, texturing, ao/ normal/ cavity maps baking and Drawing and fine Arts.

Ecorche, which is French for "skinned" is one of Adam Skutt's 3D characters. Adam is most proud of the “Ecorche head” project. He says: “I feel it reads very cleanly while being pretty accurate as an anatomy study”.

Not only did he learn a lot, he also used a lot of different references to ensure accuracy. Adam had to use the limits of his machine, especially the DynaMesh’d SubTools to make the muscles as detailed as they are.   

For more of his work visit his websiteFacebook and Twitter account.

You can find an interview with Adam Skutt about him and his work here.

Adam Skutt
Image by: Adam Skutt

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