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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Image by: boredpanda

Easy to use First Aid Blanket designed to save lives

Only a few people really know what to do if a first aid case happens before their eyes. Would you know what to do in real life?The Zhejiang University in China has taken the common component found in a first aid kit, the emergency blanket, to another level. The concept can help a complete novice, but can also give a trained amateur more confidence through the structured instructions on the First Aid Blanket, as it has been called.

The First Aid Blanket has clear diagrams and step-by-step instructions printed directly onto it, and was especially designed to help amateurs perform first aid during a medical emergency. The blanket is not capable of compensating for a proper first aid training, but it might still help to save somebody’s life.

The blanked has been focused of situations involving a drowning person, in those cases it provides a surface to place the drowning person onto, as well as a first aid guidance in different situations – with or without sign of life.

Of course, the blanket has its points of improvement, for example the use of turn-over part when a big or obese individual has to be resuscitated.  But it can already be an inexpensive step in the right direction as it can also be easily placed in public places. 

The blanket won the Red Dot Award for conceptual design in 2014.

Image by: boredpanda

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