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Written by Ishan Bali

Ben Brown
Image by: Ben Brown

"Die Young" by Ben Brown

Sydney-based illustrator, designer and artist Ben Brown’s “Die Young” is a series of illustrations of pop music icons. His portraits depict the 27 Club - consisting of a.o. James Dean, Amy Winehouse, Buddy Holly, Sid Vicious, Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix and numerous other legendary artists that died at the age of 27.

There appear to be certain qualities shared by the members of the 27 club that stand them apart from many other deceased young pop musicians, that may explain how the notion of this "club" has entered the pop culture psyche. Qualities include exceptional talent, the contribution of ground-breaking innovations in their musical genre, intense psychological pain, a squalid death at their peak, and immortalisation.

All of the "Tragic 6" drawn by Ben Brown have become over the years become cult figures.

Want to read deeper into this topic? See what Wikipedia has to say about the 27 club here!

Ben Brown
Image by: Ben Brown

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