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Written by Helen van Raaij

Justin Jenkins
Image by: Justin Jenkins

Color in our hearts

Specialized in colored pencil and acrylic, and inspired by everything around him, artist Justin Michael Jenkins tries to find his inner spirit by creating his spiritual art drawing collection.

Justin started his spiritual journey with only a black and a white pencil. The more in touch he came with himself as an artist, the more color he used.

He sees his use of colors as “a way not only expressing the jubilation of life on its highest planes of beauty, but also as a way of using color as a psychological component to the symbolism that inherently took shape in my vision of the world”.  

Since then color became the heart of his compositions.

Following his spiritual journey, it comes as no surpirse that his anatomy art drawing collection is a bright colored collection. Green, red and yellow colored muscles to match with a blue brain.

To see more of Justin his work you can visit his blog.

Justin Jenkins
Image by: Justin Jenkins

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