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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

James Bullough
Image by: James Bullough

Capturing humans at their breaking points

"In this series of paintings, Breaking Point, James Bullough presents a collection of disjointed figurative characters, fragmenting into their surrounding space” (Kristine Mitchell, My Modern Met).

This American born artist, based in Berlin, made his series asking his models – mainly Berlin dancers –  to channel personal memory and to recall experiences of “breaking” at the moment of their capture. Therefore, James Bullough was able to capture and display moments of disruption, personal breach and existential fracture through the expressive movement of the body.

The anonymity in which the dancers are kept, was intended to reaffirm the symbolic universality of the emotive physical gesture.

In his series of paintings, James Bullough starts with the moving body, put into an expense of negative space, then he dissembles the figure further, splicing, striating and fragmenting the surfaces and planes, creating splashes of humanity replicated on canvas.

James' paintings are a combination of realist painting technique and graphic punctuation, sometimes making them look like flawless computer illustrated images, displaying the dancer’s bodies with lots of technique and painstaking detail. 

Want to discover more of James Bullough’s work? Visit his website!

James Bullough
Image by: James Bullough

Tags: Dancers, Anatomy & Art, Painting

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