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Written by Ishan Bali

Isabel Miramontes / Casart
Image by: Isabel Miramontes / Casart

Bronze sculptures of human figures by Isabel Miramontes

What if you can give shape and face to you thoughts, inner life and your impulsivity? What if one can speak the language that no one can speak but everyone can understand? What if, your thoughts compel one to have a monologue with them?

This all sounds juxtaposed but it's turned into reality by sculpting artist Isabel Miramontes. Born in Spain and raised in Brussels, this artist is one of her kind. Giving her all in liberating the inner self to speak in the shadow of ambiguity. Providing mute words to humanly frailty. All of her these bronze sculptures are the proof of her creativity.

As Isabel explains:

“It is not me who went after the sculpture, that it came to me was obvious. It was instant; I never stopped working the earth.”

Click this link for an overview of her sculptures!

Isabel Miramontes / Casart
Image by: Isabel Miramontes / Casart

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