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Written by Justine Aka

Bike Anatomy

Alessandro Pautasso created this dynamic illustration of the anatomy of a cycling leg and bicycle for the Milan Bicycle Festival which took place between the 13th and 15th December 2013. The exhibition “Cicli Illustri” displayed unique works of the greatest Italian contemporary illustrators. All exhibited works underlying the theme of cycling, sustainability or mobility. These artistic works were created and sold solely in behalf of the film festival.

Alessandro Pautasso is based in Turin, Italy, where he creates illustrations mainly of portraits showing American celebrities. His works are basically created around vector graphics, using geometrical primitives. Yet, his works seem lively and dynamic. Alessandros works are marked by the choice of very rich and energetic colours.

Alessandros motivation for becoming an illustrator/designer stems from seeing an illustrated book about the Beatles: “The Beatles: Illustrated Lyrics” by Alan Aldridge.

More information on Alessandro Pautasso, his works and the Cicili Illustri exhibition can be found here: Behance, MyModernMet, KoiKoiKoiJuxtapoz, Cicli Illustri FB page, Alessandro Pautasso website “Nosuprises”.

 Alessandro Pautasso BicycleFilmFestival2013

“The Bike Anatomy”
“The Bike Anatomy”
(Image by: Alessandro Pautasso)

Tags: cycling, Illustration, gastrocnemius, bicycle, design, Leg, Soleus, Talocrural Joint

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