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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Asma Javeri
Image by: Asma Javeri

Asma Javeri’s anatomy illustrations

In her series ‘101bpm’ and ‘Choclatomy’, Pakistan-based illustrator Asma Javeri brings an interesting view on anatomy. Maybe it is better said that she creates interesting combinations with anatomy.

Her series ‘Chocolatomy’ is a, literally, sweet one. Asma Javeri pairs detailed illustrations of human anatomy with real chocolate. She places chocolate-coated biscuits, truffles and wafers with her illustrated hearts, lungs and other organs.

“The use of chocolate as a part of the anatomy I draw is a subtle representation of filling a void in an integral part of your being. Which often results from having to choose an option and giving up the other.”

In her other series, ‘101bpm’, she portraits an anatomical heart combined with some of our daily life object. About this series, she stated:

“Its a little about illustrating the feelings of the heart through daily objects and things we interact with.”

Asma created an Instagram page for the full series, which you can find here. More of Asma Javeri’s work can also be found on Behance.          

Asma Javeri
Image by: Asma Javeri

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