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Written by Justine Aka

Animated: X-Ray – Body in Motion

I am in awe and absolutely mesmerized by the animations by Hybrid – Medical Animation. Usually my posts are not written in first person, but I would like to communicate how fascinated I personally am, and I believe there are many others who will share this enthrallment with me.

Hybrid – Medical Animation is probably the world leading medical and scientific illustration and animation studio. They have won multiple awards for their achievements over the past 17 years since they were founded in 1997.

As an Anatomy, Physiotherapy and Yoga lover, one work particularly caught my eye; a skeleton doing various yoga poses (asanas).

The company worked on representing the realistic pictures of x-rays through animation, and conquered successfully. They took on the challenge of creating the right bone density and brought these images to life by creating a video presenting the moving skeleton.

X-ray Body in Motion - Yoga from hybrid medical animation on Vimeo.

Check out their website and vimeo for more incredible animations!


X-Ray Body In Motion – Yoga.
X-Ray Body In Motion – Yoga.
(Image by: Hybrid – Medical Animation)

Tags: skeleton, Yoga, Animation, Radiography, X-Ray

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