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Written by Helen van Raaij

Gregory Halili
Image by: Gregory Halili

Anatomy painted on pearl shells and ivory by Gregory Halili

Coral skeletons (see one of our previous posts), oil painted pearl shells and eyes painted on ivory. These three items are just a sample of the many different works Gregory Halili has made. Gregory paints on a surface as small at a minimum of 1x1 inch and a maximum depending of the size of the pearl.  Even though this is a really small working area, he paints as detailed as can be.

“Memento VI”, also made in 2014, is a skull carved and painted onto a pearl. Memento has a total of 8 skulls.

In 2014, Gregory finished a painting called “Sorrow II”.  Sorrow II contains 9 eyes expressing sorrow in different ways.

His work has been shown in several galleries.

More of his work can be found here!

Gregory Halili
Image by: Gregory Halili

Tags: Skull, Anatomy & Art, Painting, Ivory

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