Art & Design

Written by Helen van Raaij

Image by: Unknown

Anatomy & Guitars

A while ago, I was walking in a city and came across this guitar player. I stopped, not just because I heard him play but also because of his guitar. The hole of the guitar was surrounded by skulls.

When I asked him why, he explained:

“Inspired by skulls and bones I did some drawing on my guitar. A guitar is not just an instrument to learn and create songs, but also a way of expressing yourself. People design their cars, so I did the same to my guitar. “

Of course, after I did some researching, I came across various designed guitars, mostly inspired by the human skull, ribcage or heart. Sometimes abstract, sometimes incredibly detailed and some just for show.

I even found someone who specializes in guitars designed with Pyrography (Pyrography is the art of decoration wood with burn marks”)

Here's a question for the guitar playing physios out there: what part of the human body would you prefer to have on your guitar?

Image by: Unknown

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