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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

David Oliveira
Image by: David Oliveira

Anatomy from wires

The artworks of Lisbon-born artist David Oliveira may look like scribbled sketches, but are in fact sculptures made from wire.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, David Oliveira stated: “Inspiration for what I choose to represent comes from many different places but in the main I am inspired by drawing.

David plays on optical illusion with his sculptures, viewers must study the pieces from the correct angle to watch the shapes come alive."The spectator has a very important role, because in order to see, he has to fill the empty spaces with his own memories, creating a bond with the sculpture and his own life experiences."

David Oliveira extracted his knowledge of anatomy during his Masters in Artistic Anatomy (similar to a Medical Illustration degree) at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. Before that he finished a Sculpture degree with speciality in ceramics in 2008. 

Next to his human sculptures, David Oliveira has also created an animal series. Want to discover more of his art? Visit his website here!

David Oliveira
Image by: David Oliveira

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