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Written by Justine Aka

Anatomically Correct Chocolates.

Haven’t had enough Christmas chocolates yet? A dream coming true for the sweet toothed with a heart for anatomy – anatomy designed chocolates!

These sweet, little, perfect organs and bones are designed by “visual anatomy” a medical illustration company based in the US and run by medical illustrator Tina Pavlatos.

Currently they have 20 anatomy designs on offer, and offer to create designs fit to your wishes. Amongst those 20 are chocolate heart, lungs, brain, vertebra, knee, kidney, foot, liver, eye, pancreas, stomach, hip, skull, hand, colon, and ear. 

Available are a pack of 16, 4, or individually wrapped. The anatomical chocolates are hand poured and sized 2 inches on the long side, 1.5 inches on the short, and 3/4 of an inch thick.

Tina Pavlatos graduated in 1999 as a medical illustrator from Cleveland Institute of Art and started with her company ‘Visual Anatomy’ in the year 2000 illustrating for medical textbooks and websites. In 2002 Tina Pavlatos started as a medical chocolatier. Since then Visual Anatomy is satisfying the excitable chocolate lovers’ stomachs, and anatomy lovers’ hearts.

The anatomically correct chocolates can be purchased on their website.

chocolate box

chocolate heart

Chocolate Lungs
Chocolate Lungs
(Image by: Visual Anatomy)

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