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Written by Helen van Raaij

Image by: jessicalloyd-jones

Anatomical Neon

Inspired by the complex human anatomy and the natural biological electricity present in the human body Jessica Lloyd-Jones, a visual artist based in North Wales, made - in collaboration with several neon specialists and renowned glass artists -  the series "Anatomical Neon". 

The series made in 2008 consists of four pieces: Electric lungsBrain waveOptic nerve and Heart. All pieces have a different story.  As Jessica states on her website:

Brain Wave conveys neurological processing activity as a kinetic and sensory, physical phenomena through its display of moving electric plasma. Optic Nerve shows a similar effect, more akin to the blood vessels of the eye and with a front ‘lens’ magnifying the movement and the intensity of light. Heart is a representation of the human heart illuminated by still red neon gas. Electric Lungs is a more technically intricate structure with xenon gas spreading through its passage ways, communicating our human unawareness of the trace gases we inhale in our breathable atmosphere.”

With her work Jessica wants to reveal the invisible and push the boundaries of new technologies. 

Want to see more of Jessica's work? Visit her website here!

Image by: jessicalloyd-jones

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