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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Janusz Jurek
Image by: Janusz Jurek

Algorithms of the human form

Generative art is artwork that has been generated by a computer based algorithm. It can also be achieved through robotics, chemistry, biology, data mapping, smart materials, symmetry and other compounds. The Polish (graphic) designer and illustrator Janusz Jurek has been exploring different forms of generative art as it relates to the human body.

Some of these illustrations look like lighting from a thunder storm, as these bundles of lines collide and tangle together into parts of the human body. The use of only black and white forces the viewer to look at the detail and complexity of his work. In one of his series, "Papilarnie", Janusz Jurek shows us incomplete 3D figures of human forms, that appear to have been captured in the middle of coming to life.

In an interview with Dekit Magazine, Janusz Jurek states:

Everyone sees something different in my works according to experience, age, memories, even health. One physiotherapist wanted my works on their website because of the emergent nature of human form from non-form. When you teach people how to coordinate their perceptual systems, to activate mind-body capacity and help people experience their body in unexpected ways, the interpretation comes itself. Another person compared my lines to lights and roadways on maps.

Want to see more of Janusz Jurek's work? Visit his website or Behance page

Janusz Jurek
Image by: Janusz Jurek

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