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Written by Ishan Bali

Image by: Yuumei

A skeleton study of Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" by Yuumei

Have a look at these skeleton drawings from Yuumei - she drew a few figures doing the dancing routine to Beyoncé's "Single Ladies".

Yuumei, also known as Wenqing Yan is an Anime and Comic artist, graphic novelist and environmentalist. She calls her work as “the art and musings of a disillusioned idealist.”

As Yuumei describes in her own words: "My figure drawing professor told us to look at pictures of real people in motion and draw their internal skeletons so I drew the top 4 in a walk cycle and the bottom 4 dancing to Beyoncé’s Single Ladies"

Want to see more of Yuumei's work? Have a look at her website!

Image by: Yuumei

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