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Written by Helen van Raaij

Joshua Harker
Image by: Joshua Harker

3-D printed anatomical art by Joshua Harker

Joshua Harker is a 3-D artist, who started with drawing intricate pieces in 2-D. He has had different exhibitions in museums and galleries, and has appeared in various magazines.  Joshua wanted to “upgrade” his 2-D pieces to a 3-D piece, but tried different approaches that did not bring the desired result. And then the 3-D printer came available.

An inspiration, sometimes a few sketches, and a detailed digital version of his sculpture are the 3 basic steps Joshua takes when creating a new piece.

It is (almost) impossible to carve out materials like wood or clay, to create detailed skulls like Joshua does using a 3-D printer. The pieces he produces are a mix of software, art, engineering, 3-D printers and much more, revolutionizing the possibilities and bringing sculptural art to new levels. This revolution is still ongoing.

His “Crania Anatomica Filigre” is made of polyamide, and is his most funded project on Kickstarter. This skull is the symbol of “the end of Joshua his commitment to traditional means of making & selling art while the filigree pattern represents the creative exploration of a new medium & ways to share his work"

As Joshua states, there is "No art in the heart of a machine, no heart in the art of a machine.

For more of his work you can visit his website!


Joshua Harker
Image by: Joshua Harker

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